Hwa Rang Do Luxembourg Team of Instructors for 2021

We are proud to introduce our Luxembourg Team of Instructors for 2021 and what better way to present them than through the most popular martial arts journal in the world, Budo International!
They are members of Hwa Rang Do Teuk Gong Team (특공대), which means Special Forces.
They are selected by Grandmaster Taejoon Lee from amongst the student body who have shown the greatest dedication, leadership qualities, and commitment for personal development, desiring to help others in their growth. They are the role modes for all the rest to follow. Furthermore, they are the officers of the club who maintain and continue the growth of the club.
They are as follows:
Giuseppe Morelli – President
Roberto Cesca – Vice-President
Sabina De Paris – Secretary / Treasurer
Veronique Wilhelm – Public Relations
Claire Davey – Student Affairs / Historian
Szymon Mirocha – Student Retention / Recruitment
The article contained is also very appropriate to their efforts as it is on the true meaning of what is to Follow.
There are many articles on leadership, but rarely do we delve into the values, motivations, and truth of following as it is not a passive act of submission but rather an active exercise of one’s empowered freedom of choice.