Hwa Rang Do National Team Lux goes to the World Championships in July 2024

The World Hwa Rang Do® Association and Hwa Rang Do® EU proudly presents the 64th World Hwa Rang Do® Association Annual Summer Event & World Championships on 29th June to 6th July in beautiful Tuscany, in Chianni (PI), Italy

The Registration for the 64th World Hwa Rang Do® /Tae Soo Do® Annual Event is Open NOW!!
The EARLYBIRD registration special is expiring at the end of April, and it is the best way for everyone to save the most money!
Don’t forget to register before midnight on April 30th, 2024, to get the best deals on tournament, seminars, accommodations, and the Annual Awards Banquet & Black Sash Ceremony!
The Hwa Rang Do® World Championships is a true decathlon of the martial arts and will take place on Sunday, June 30th and Monday, July 1st.
•Open Hand Forms (Basics for Little Tigers)
•Weapon Forms
•Sparring / Yongtoogi
•Grapping / Gotoogi
•Shibum (Demo)
•Weapon Fighting – Gumtoogi
•Weapon Fighting – Gumtoogi Open
•Weapon Fighting – Bongtoogi
•Weapon Fighting – Bongtoogi Open
•Team Fighting
Here is the pertinent information for registration for your convenience.
For Italian Language, please click here: https://hwarangdo.org/it/whrda-2024-summer-events
Once again, you will save the most by registering early, and if you wait too long you will end up paying the most with the full price!
If you need further information about any of the events, please go here: https://hwarangdo.org/whrda-2024-summer-events
For all official events, you or your child must have a currently paid Hwa Rang Do®Legacy Membership and logged into www.hwarangdo.org to register.
If you have any questions, please email us at the following options:
• For General Event Questions: pietro.picconi@hwarangdo.it
• For Technical Registration Issues Only: WHRDA Online Team = help@hwarangdo.org and veronique.luxhrd@gmail.com (Lux)
So, don’t delay and we are extremely excited to see all of you Chianni, Italy!
Hwarang Forever and Godspeed!
The World Hwa Rang Do®Association & Hwa Rang Do®EU